Why “Wine for Water”?

There’s no doubt that climate change affects us all: even as parts of Europe are under water and America is alight, right now it’s Cape Town’s turn to weather the challenge of scarce water supplies. We understand that you’re feeling anxious about holidaying here amidst all sensational stories. So, if you have a sense of adventure, are flexible and willing to be water-wise while staying with us, we’d like to entice you come to visit our beautiful city in any case!


Fabulous ZAR 2,215.00 (net ZAR 1,990.00)
Beautiful ZAR 2,565.00 (net ZAR 2,310.00)
Suite ZAR 2,965.00 (net ZAR 2,670.00)

All rates include breakfast, unlimited coffee, tea and biscuits, wireless internet access and all taxes.

You: save like a local and observe the city’s 50 litre per person per day water allotment while staying with us—have fun with it: shower together. wear your clothes a little longer embrace used towels and linen not being laundered more frequently than every 5 days understand that our pool and Jacuzzi may not be open (head to the beach!!) and drink wine, not water!

We: offer you our renowned, award-winning service experience and agree to release your booking without penalty up to 7 days before arrival (full refund), should “Day Zero” be confirmed for any days of your visit. Should Day Zero materialise while you’re staying with us without warning, we’ll release your booking without question and help relocate you to Hermanus. We’ll also supply you with a bottle of wine (or non-alcoholic beverage of your choice) from our cellar for every day of your stay to ease the pain of the water shortage!

Need to know . . .

  • Offer valid for stays between 10 April to 7 May 2018
  • Book it from 05 February to 6 May 2018
  • 25% deposit upon booking
  • Fully refundable up to 7 days before arrival if Day Zero is confirmed for any days of your stay
  • Less than 7 days, you forfeit only your deposit, without further obligation
  • Should Day Zero occur while you’re with us without notice, you’re free to depart without penalty and we assist relocating you to partner guesthouses in water-rich Hermanus.
  • This promotion is only valid for stays of 2 nights or more

For more information, contact us directly: reservations@derwenthouse.co.za

Book online using Promo code “WineforWater”

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